If you are new to the esports scene then you probably are not yet familiar with the lay of the land. So many names, so man y games, and everything is seems to be mixed together. If you already know which leagues are in, then you are on the right path. The peculiar thing about esports is that several teams are always known by the same names. One can imagine that a name, for instance ”SK Gaming,” encompasses a kind of club of teams that all compete in different titles. So this club can have a team for League of Legends, one for Dota2, one for Counterstrike: Global Offensive, etc.



Advertisements praise the biggest players, and fans argue over who is the best player, but it can be hard to get a real overview.  Here is information on who the best teams playing now are:


  • SK Telecom T1 doesn't actually have anything to do with German telecom, but if you are interested in esports you should definitely know this name. The South Korean LoL wonder “Faker” is one of the best players in his genre.
  • Always on the forefront we have Fnatic from London. With tons of wins in the LoL championships and second place in CS:GO-World Rankings Fnatic is one of the biggest names in eSports.
  • Evil Geniuses runs the gamut of successful US-Teams and claims the richest sponsor in the world: Jeff Bezos, owner of Amazon and Twitch. They regularly score in games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, Dota2 and CS: GO.
  • Even more successful is the CS:GO group from the Netherlands Team Liquid. 2019 was such a strong year for them that they are considered the best team in the world. Team Liquid also won the LoL Championship Series for the fourth time in a row. Until September 2019, German player Kuro „KuroKy“ Salehi Takhasomi— the only German player to ever win The International, played for this team.
  • Team OG, sponsored by Red Bull, encompasses all of Europe and celebrated its fight for the top Dota2 spot with its victories at The International 2018 and 2019. Due to the enormously growing prize money of this tournament, the members of OG are now some of the richest players in esports.


Naturally there are also very well known and prosperous German teams that you should definitely know about.


  • SK Gaming was formed in 1997 and covers all areas of esports . In the over 20 years since forming, the organization has won over 60 championship titles. SK Gaming is one of the traditional worldwide groups still among the top players in both CS:GO and LoL.
  • Mousesports is based in Hamburg and celebrates success primarily in CS:Go. In 2019 they were so successful that they took the spot of fifth most successful team. This organization is wide spread and has been seen taking part in The International multiple times.


The US based FaZe Clan is a winner of hearths. FaZe Clan has the most followers and subscribers on pretty much any social media outlet, sells the most merch, and inspires viewers with triumphs in CS: GO tournaments and various versions of Call of Duty.



The virtual sport is always growing and anyone who doesn't watch out will loose sight of it.  New clans and esports titles are always coming out. This is not only great for entertainment, but also for the movement of the scene. We look forward to the changes, because there is nothing more boring than the same teams always winning the same tournaments.  In esports everyone can find their talent and come out on top, whether they started out as a kid, or they came into the game later in life.
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