Video games and sports: two things that don't fit together. But then what exactly is eSports? Whether you have never heard of it, or you are an expert on the subject, we are going to answer some major questions like:

What actually is an eSport?

Is there just one definition for it?

Are all games eSport games?

What does that “e” stand for?



  • “eSport” stands for “electronic Sport,” a sport where participants are not using their bodies as the tool, but instead their avatars on a computer, phone, or console (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, etc) game.

  • Players can either play as a Single Player or in a Team against opponents and play simultaneously.

  • Not every game is suitable as an eSports title. For instance games of chance are not good candidates for competition.

  • eSport is not based in any one genre. Some are more popular than others based on their mechanics. For instance Real Time Strategy (RTS) games like Starcraft 2, Dota 2, First Person Shooter (FPS) like Counter Strike and Global Offensive, and Sports games like Rocket League and FiFa fall in the popular for eSports category.

Still sound like a bit strange? Let's see if we can clear up more

ESPORTS IS JUST GAMING RIGHT? Some key factors that apply to one but not the other:

  • eSport tournaments are usually held in front of live audiences, just like popular sports, which are either held in a arena or via a live stream tournament online. Some of the largest esport events in germany originated from LAN partys like DreamHack or NorthCon.
  • The winner takes all: prizes, money, league points, and championship qualifications are all possible awards at a tournament.
  • A successful player can live off of an eSports income, some already even call themselves millionaires thanks to their skills.
  • Companies are sponsoring eSports teams. This is becoming a growing trend with more and more companies looking to sponsor.


Sometimes it is easier to understand what something is not to get a better idea of what it actually is.
  • eSport is not a board game and it is not LARPing (Live Action Roll Play). eSports is always on a computer or console.
  • eSports is not played against Bots or your especially talented pets. eSport is played against other players.
  • Games of luck are by definition not an eSport. Luck chooses the winner, not skill, and eSports require the competitors to use their skills, knowledge and wit to win.

Just like football and other sports you may watch some games instead of playing the game yourself for entertainment.

To answer the the question “What is eSport?” : eSport is the greatest phenomenon of the 21st century with thousands of enthusiastic followers. eSport is a sport, that is still in its infancy despite its growing popularity.

ORITY esport Basics
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