The difference between esports and gaming? ORITY co-founder Mathias tells us in the interview!

esports vs gaming?   I've heard this question many times - I am both, a gamer and an esports athlete. Gaming is the ...

Does size matter? ;D

When it comes to esports, things are always a little bit bigger than average. The dimensions of the gear, the stadium...

Why make an esports backpack?

Gaming equipment is expensive, sensitive and extremely large, so why were most gaming and esports backpacks too small...

The cost of making a backpack

There are many ways to make a backpack. The easiest and cheapest is to browse the internet, find a bag you like, copy...

Finding a name can be difficult!

How did we actually come up with "ORITY"? Well, let me tell you this- finding a name can take a long long time! More ...
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