Finding a name can be difficult!

How did we actually come up with "ORITY"?

Well, let me tell you this- finding a name can take a long long time!

More than two years ago our team started coming up with our first designs for the product we had in mind. We fell in love with the concepts, and the idea of a new esports brand. Soon enough we knew where we were heading, so it was time to bring it all together, and we needed a name we could fall in love with just as much as the concept!

So this is how we got there:

Step 1: Collect pretty much everything

The first thing we did was collect pretty much every single idea that popped in our minds. We also gathered input from family and friends about what they relate to esports and backpacks.

This resulted in a whopping list of 300 words! (Believe it or not, even broccoli was on the list)

Step 2: A competition of names

So there it was, a list of names, but way more than an upcoming esports brand needs. The list was full of everything from vegetable to very ambitious. The next important thing to do was to sort off all the names that simply could not compete. Out went the ideas of broccoli and many other ones, and then the left over group needed to be sorted and screened.

We came up with another list: criteria for the brand name to fulfill. The name needed a nice sound in multiple languages, should be unique, visually beautiful, and most importantly- every single one of us had to like it!

Well, that last point would make finding the perfect name take even longer! Especially because we decided everyone had the chance to cast a veto - and we all used it!

Step 3: We found the one!

After several meetings, lots of pizza, and some near-death experiences sitting underneath Mathias' "professionally" installed fan spinning at top-speed in the summer heat, we finally made it!

ORITY was one of our team’s favorites from the beginning. It is sonorous in every language (can you imagine hearing someone from Korea or Colombia say ORITY - sounds pretty good, right?). It is unique. It is visually beautiful.

And it also was your priORITY!

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