Making your hobby your career is a dream for many, and even the average gamer would love to be getting more than just the in game currency for the time they play.  Anyone who has followed the staggering salaries and prize money in esports knows that players pay nowadays compares to popular sports players. But how do you get to earn money from esports? How does one get to be part of an esports team? The biggest hurdles to making it as an esports professional can be overcome, and with talent and training anyone can be a part of esports. We will show you how to find ways to find other players and teams.



Lucky for all players looking to find a team, most teams are also always searching for new players.  Whether they advertise on their website, through their esports organization, or through various other platforms, anyone who is searching, or is actively self promoting, can find a place.


  • There are now forums specifically designed for team searches. For instance makes it possible to find a team, individual players, or even an opposing team to practice with. They offer filters for any title from Overwatch to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. As an interesting bonus feature they also have advertisements for community streamers.
  • Even leagues like ESL offer forums for team and player searches. Here teams can place an advertisement on the web. But for those who have a hard time finding a team with the system there is also an option to self promote. It is usually a good idea to put in some information about your game: average kill/death count (comparison of how many kills you make versus how often you die in the game), how active of a player you are, and even your age can be pertinent information to a team.
  • Another way to look through is an esports organization. These are similar to joining a club or a guild, and getting your compensation through training, team placement searches, and even opportunities to get sponsorship and tournament invites.
  • Even non-esports specific platforms are great places to try. Look for calls to action on Reddit, Facebook, or even Instagram. Anyone who searches long enough and gets onto the right groups can find the information they are looking for.



Anyone who has already been added to a team roster is likely looking for ways their group can get into the professional scene.  In this case it is also possible to join a large organization or to simply join existing esports leagues without initial sponsorship.

Whether you are currently looking for an esports team, or you have already found one, you should be aware that being a professional esports player requires work. The phrase “no effort, no results” can be said to apply to the esports scene more than it does to most other professions. Hours of daily training and practice are the base requirements to getting true success in eSports.
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