Why make an esports backpack?


..when Mathias gave us his gear and asked the rest of the team to find a backpack on the internet that could accommodate his keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headphone case. 

Imagine the frustration of getting to the 13th black gaming backpack or esports bag with red highlights, that wasn’t large enough to hold the equipment, or it didn’t offer decent protection. Adding to the frustration the next option wasn’t looking any better.

Gaming equipment is expensive, sensitive and extremely large, so why was all that was on offer too small or with little protection?

With a decade of backpack developing know-how in the team we felt like we could do better; like we needed to do better.


The ORITY ONE ESPORTS BACKPACK was developed and tested over the last 2.5 years, a period of time when new esports and gaming packs were being announced to the market. It wasn’t easy. Every new product announced gave us a reason to think.

Every time a new product or brand surfaced, we had to re-evaluate the product, and answer new questions. What advantages did we really have over the other brands? How did we have to improve our product to stand out? Was it still worth it to continue our testing and development, or should we just enter the market before we lost out advantage?


We had esports enthusiasts on the team that put an end to any of our doubts.  We started because we wanted to make something different, something better, an authentic esports backpack!  There was no cutting corners.  If we wanted to win the battle of what is worn on the backs of esports enthusiasts, we couldn’t battle our beta phase on the backs of the esports enthusiast. So, after the short period of re-evaluation, we kept going. Sometimes I think that the development of other bags, packs and backpacks in the esports & gaming market motivated us to push harder.  


During development we remained in close contact with esports enthusiasts and professional esports athletes. The community helped us understand all different needs- from attending a LAN-Party, to flying to a tournament in one of the big arenas of the world. Feedback from enthusiasts, players, team managers, streamers, and publishers show us we are on the right track. 

This has resulted in our 3 cornerstone principles of ORITY backpacks: Function, Customization, and Travel Friendly

Curious?  Check out ority.gg or our social media channels @oritygg facebook, instagram or twitter for more information on the ORITY ONE ESPORTS BACKPACK!

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