17 inch laptop backpack for every situation

With the 17 inch laptop backpack ORITY ONE you will keep your bag organized easily en route. It offers space for a 17.3 inch sized laptop which can be stowed and unpacked in next to no time. Still offering room for everything else you don’t want to miss in everyday life. In daily business and while traveling the 17.3 inch backpack protects all your valuables ideally – and guarantees that you never lose overview. This makes the ORITY ONE to your essential companion in every situation.

The perfect laptop backpack

Made for mobility

Protected transport of all your gear, 17.3" laptop and more in a durable carry-on sized backpack.

design your gaming rucksack


An innovative backpack with modular inlays and a customizable front and carry-system.

gaming rucksack aus recycelten PET-Flaschen


Materials and fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles ensure a long lasting and high quality product experience.

Maximale Laptopgröße

Protect your 17.3 inch laptop and accessory

Our laptop backpack is especially designed for your needs. It provides enough space for laptops with a screen diagonal of 17.3 inch (and more). Even if your laptop has wider screen edges you can still easily stow it. We guarantee: as long as you device is maximum 52 centimeter high, 33 centimeter wide and 5 centimeter thick it will fit in the backpack. Most common brands like Acer, Dell or Microsoft Surface fall below these values.

The 17 inch laptop lays padded on the inside of the bag. Therefore the laptop backpack absorbs shock and prevents scratches and display damage. Also your accessory, keyboard, mouse and headset are perfectly protected everyday – thanks to a distinct coating also from wetness. So you do not need to worry on the road.

Quick access on what’s important

Particularly handy: thanks to our quick access compartment you can simply take out your laptop in just one movement. Ideal if you run into a security check at airports. Because thanks to cabin size the 17 inch laptop backpack also is suitable as carry-on baggage. Also in any other situation you will never have to search to long if you want to work on your next presentation or access important documents. While waiting in the train, at terminal or on arrival at your destination – your device is always just a grab away.

17,3 zoll laptop rucksack - Laptopfach Quick Access

ORITY ONE laptop backpack - video

Individualize your laptop backpack

We know that you have special requests for your 17.3 inch laptop backpack. That’s why we made the ORITY ONE customizable. Not only can you change the front-color of your backpack, you also design the modular inside the way you like it. You decide: do you have accessory that needs to be protected? Do you need compartments for your keyboard, mouse or headset? Do you like hip- & chest-straps to relieve your back?

Our promise: The ORITY ONE designed for 95% of the equipment on the market and with 35 liter of stowage.

ority esport rucksack - change color
17,3 zoll laptop rucksack - nachhaltiges material & Qualität

Sustainable and high-quality materials

Not only is the laptop backpack 17 inch by ORITY particularly handy. It also protects the environment. Robust materials ensure a long lifespan. Responsibility is especially important for us: therefore we only use fabrics 100% made of plastic bottles. We pay attention on a production with less energy and water-waste. Compared to conventional production methods we achieve 60% less pollution emission. That makes the ORITY ONE not only smart and stylish but also very sustainable.


Whether in leisure time, when traveling or in daily business – the laptop backpack by ORITY offers a wide spectrum of utilization. It is suitable for:

✔ Commuter traveling everyday by train, car or plane needing quick access to their laptop.

✔ Gamers and esports athletes who want to carry and protect a lot of equipment.

✔ Traveler carrying a laptop and everyday objects they want to transport comfortably.

✔ People searching for a fashionable backpack with a lot of space and protection and value sustainability.

If you carry heaps of equipment and travel a lot this 17 inch laptop backpack is made for you. While traveling you will not have to search for you documents – thanks to quick access to your laptop compartment and smart organizer. Expensive accessory is stowed, padded and protected. And even on the airplane you can use the backpack with your 17.3 inch laptop as carry-on baggage. That’s what makes the ORITY ONE the ideal companion for every trip.

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