As a company, we see it as our responsibility to not overlook sustainability and limited resources. We therefore attach great importance to sustainability. Ecologically, economically and socially.


Together we can give post-consumer waste a new purpose and increase the value of a recycling system for the industry.That is why our backpack fabrics are made of recycled PET bottles.

So how does a PET bottle become a backpack?

In the first step PET bottles are collected and prepared for the recycling process. This means the bottles are washed and cut to small flakes. In the next step the flakes are melted and formed into thick fibers. Once these are cooled down the fibers are cut into little pallets to ease further usage, storage, or transport.
Once needed, the pallets are melted again and pulled into long fibers.
These fibers are spun into threads and wound onto spools.

The spools are than hung on large racks and connected to a weaving machine, which weaves the threads/ yarn into fabric, in our case 900DX600D fabric or 300DX300D inside lining. Currently we follow the most common process of the market, where the threads used are colorless and the final fabric is dyed or printed afterwards. Under certain conditions using pre-dyed yarn can be a more sustainable approach, once our quantities are large enough, we are planning to switch to this more sustainable production way.

Once the fabric is printed or dyed, it is ready for the PU coating. The PU ensure a water resistance, in our case the main fabrics ensure a 1500mm water column. The coating has an additional positive side effect that it stabilizes the polyester fibers and prevents fraying.
Both is essential for cutting and sowing.

The next step is a water and dirt repellent treatment which is applied on the top side of the fabric. Here we use a PFC-free, water-based treatment to keep the impact on the environment as low as possible.

The final fabric is then rolled on to large rolls so make it ready for storage and transport.

Once arrived at the production facilities it is cut into sewing patterns and then sowed together to one the various ORITY products. Did you know the ORITY ONE backpack is assembled by experienced seamstresses and workers from more than 230 parts, 30 different materials which come in 60 different sizes and features?

We hope that you got an interesting insight in our core values regarding to sustainability and understood how the product that you hold in your hands is produced!


ORITY‘s Sustainability Concept is based on three columns. We recognize that the world cannot turn a blind eye on our finite resources and believe that companies have a great responsibility to look for solutions to this matter.
Therefore, we emphasize a responsible production – worldwide.

Selected material

Our environment is sensitive and has long been out of balance. We want to be as gentle as possible. That is why we use materials that are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This saves natural resources in production and plastic waste is used again. In this way we can guarantee the most environmentally friendly production possible.

Ethical working conditions

All of our products are made in Vietnam. In order to ensure a high quality and transparent production chain, we have carefully selected our suppliers and producers. Close cooperation and regular visits allow a high degree of transparency. Fair wages, fair working hours and no child labor are a matter of course for us.

Durable quality

The fast pace of trends and consumer goods is putting an increasing strain on our environment. We want to counteract this with high quality and durable products. Customizable products that go with the times and adapt to your needs ensure a lasting experience.


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